Matt & Lea Vos – Guitar Lesson Review

We love having Phil teach our children guitar.  We’ve been with Phil for almost 2 years and it’s been a fantastic experience.  Our son and daughter have learned so much and it’s great to hear them play new songs.  Right off the bat, they started playing and it was amazing.  Phil works with them on techniques and chords and even has them singing while playing.  At Christmas they played a duet that was wonderful and showed how far they’ve come learning the guitar.  Ben and Megan enjoy that Phil will let them pick new songs to learn, so we are strumming away with new tunes on the radio.  We would recommend Phil Calkins to anyone who wants to learn to play guitar, be introduced to a wide spectrum of music and as the same time have a great time.


Matt & Lea Vos

Cory Busch – Guitar Lesson Review

To whom it may concern,

It is my great pleasure to write this letter in support of a talented musician. I met Phil Calkins
early in 2015 when I hired him to teach my daughter to play her 6 string acoustic guitar. My first
impression was that Phil was easy-going and humble. As lessons progressed, his unique
creativity and responsible attitude towards her education was evident in the progress she was
making. By his example and encouragement, she became eager to practice and perfect her
techniques. Phil was willing to listen to our ideas and was very motivated keep her enjoyment a
top priority.
This summer, I was also fortunate enough to hire Phil to play for an evening party. He was on
time, professional, and adaptable to the layout of the party. He engaged our guests with songs
they knew, yet kept his music light as to not drown out conversation. He even allowed my
daughter to play along with him. We received great compliments from our guests and he has had
several booking requests as a result.
I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly recommend Phil Calkins for music
instruction and/or entertainment. His enthusiasm and passion for music is evident in all he
Most sincerely,
Cory Busch CST/CFA
Instructor, Surgical Technology
Gateway Technical College